The opening track of peregrine's 'Overdue' EP.


I don't really know
How it came along
I was just born curious
For all that I've hurt
I only meant well
I don't want to dwell on it

Everything you've got
I'll suffer it all
Every little pump of your pulse
I'm curious
I'll suffer it all
Except your coming on
I'm hoping that you want something more

Shake me upside down
Shake all the odd socks out
Shake all the odd socks
All the odd socks out

Show me where normal is
Show us where we're supposed to sit
I'm curious to know how far off I don't fit

I got this thirst
I got this thirst
An endless thirst
I'm curious
It comes out wrong
It comes out wrong
I go home thinking
I should have kept my mouth shut


from The Overdue EP, released 09 October 2011
Song by Brett Winterford.

Felix Akurangi (guitar)
Mark 'Hulk' Holbert (bass)
Mat Smith (drums)
Dave Stabback (keys)
Brett Winterford (guitar, vocals)



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